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Another great use of the video player designed by Chris and company: the annual First Presidency Christmas Devotional.

Designerly things to note: loved the opening shots of the lights on Temple Square; not in love with the title text, but oh well; and loved the family room “set” behind the podium, though the flickering fireplace got a little distracting at times. Finally, note that the broadcast site offers audio in 29 languages, and video in 4 languages. The Church’s committment to the international audience is nowhere more apparent than in its broadcasting efforts…

A nod to accessibility as well—if you’ve never watched anything in sign language before, check out the ASL version, through at least the first Mormon Tabernacle Choir number (“Once in Royal David’s City,” which incidentally was written by a member of the Church). I love watching musical performances in ASL

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“Vroom is not the word for Car, either.”
Aaron Cannon in his accessibility training today, explaining why some signs in ASL have no easily discernable connection to the things they represent. Did I mention again how cool the training is when you get to work here?

posted by ted on Wednesday, May 28, 2008