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Lying vs. Simplifying – Ready? Fight!

Lying and simplifying aren’t the same. In fact, they’re not even friends-in-law. They’re archenemies. That’s right. Think Batman and The Joker, Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan, Glenn Beck and Rahm Emanuel. As designers, it’s essential that we understand this, because our lives are spent shooting for simplification. But far too often in our quest for UI Zen, we fall into the bottomless pit of lies, lies, lies.

posted by davidlindes on Monday, Feb 08, 2010

case study

UIs that lie & the users who believe them

Interfaces are one of the principal sources from which a person learns about his or her work. That understanding gets turned into diagrams, charts, and maps that, whether accurate or not, come to define the work that person does each day.

posted by davidlindes on Monday, Feb 01, 2010

case study

The Case Against Using Your Head

I’m an amateur singer-songwriter when I’m not at work or asleep (let’s say for now that they’re mutually exclusive), and for the last few years I’ve been writing and performing material with different bands, duos, and on my own. Throughout that time I’ve tried different things to get my songs from pen and paper to studio and stage. It’s a typical creative process – start with an idea, work, work, work, end with a performance or a recording or both. For the longest time, my process for getting from point A (“Mmmm…good idea…”) to point B (“We’re going to play a song for you called…”) was pretty straightforward.

posted by davidlindes on Friday, Aug 21, 2009