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Designing in a Team:
Skills, Attitudes, and Success

Last week Cameron sent an e-mail to gather some ideas about how to succeed as an in-house designer. Aside from the more obvious (and individual) necessities of technical skill, graphical ability, and general smarts, how do you succeed in a team environment, where people have different ideas, biases, and approaches to meeting the team’s common goals?

posted by ted on Thursday, Aug 28, 2008

case study

How we rebuilt Northtemple

I am my own worst client. Designing for yourself is always an interesting exercise, and I find that not only am I increasingly more difficult to work with, but lately the process is taking longer than ever. It may be just as awkward as a doctor operating on himself, or a hair dresser cutting her own hair, or a baby changing her own diaper. Our process for rebuilding Northtemple was about as exasperating. Here’s how we did it.

posted by jason on Monday, Aug 25, 2008

case study

Studies on Creativity and Religion

I have spent the last several months studying creativity and the creative process as they relate to what we do here at the Church. There have been many talks given by Church leaders on creativity that serve to enlighten, inspire, and instruct. I am in the process of documenting the things I have learned and turning them into something interesting, but that is a little ways off. In the meantime, I wanted to share a few of the more thought-provoking bits of wisdom I found.

posted by rick on Friday, Aug 15, 2008

case study

Biweekly Design Review Recap

As a team, we hold regular design reviews to improve our work and the quality of our projects. A formal design review with our complete staff is held every other week, where selected presenters showcase their projects and are able to solicit feedback from other designers who are not members of their immediate project team.

posted by john on Thursday, Aug 14, 2008