53 designers

We are a bunch of designers who work for the
LDS Church in Salt Lake City, Utah.

We work on the public-facing websites (lds.org, mormon.org, etc) and dozens of internal websites and applications the Church uses to serve its 13 million members world wide. Our work is used every day by thousands of Church employees and missionaries, is often translated into dozens of languages, and is seen by millions of people each month.

The show

Northtemple.com was designed, coded, and programmed from scratch by our in-house team of designers:

Influences: Vampire Weekend, Beck, Gnarls Barkley, Blackalicious, Tycho, Weezer, Submarines, Kanye West, Social Distortion, Rockband, Halo nights, Ffffound, Nacho Libre, Skittles, Kettle Chips, Rockstar, Edward Norton, and some dangon bread.

The site was created on an army of MacBook Pros, conceptualized in Photoshop, marked up in HTML and CSS, and programmed using the fabulous Ruby on Rails. Hosting provided by Dreamhost.

Check yourself, before you wreck yourself.

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