Welcome to NorthTemple.com

We are a group of designers in Salt Lake City, and NorthTemple is our shot at contributing back to the web design community, in return for so much we’ve received from it. Each of us rely on the web community every day, and this is our way of taking what we’re learning in some pretty unique circumstances and sharing it with this thing we call the internets.

NorthTemple.com is built as a “tumblelog”, a stream of consciousness type of blog where we’ll be posting at all hours and with content of all type—articles, quotes, links, photos, videos, and more.

The site is still very new. We’ll be introducing comments very shortly, as well as adding our designers to the site and launching some extended bios and archives of it all.

We hope you enjoy. Don’t forget to grab our atom feed to keep up with the log.

posted by Jason Lynes on Friday, Aug 18, 2006
tagged with northtemple